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Old 05-14-2013, 03:17 AM
SolidShellSecurity SolidShellSecurity is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
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Thumbs up SSS, LLC: Professional Server and Website Security/Management and MORE!

SolidShellSecurity, LLC ▬ Your IT Security & Management Company

Are you TIRED of downtime?
Are you FED UP with your current supporter and provider?
Is your website not performing at it's MAXIMUM PEAK PERFORMANCE?
Are you tired of being hacked?
Are you tired of problems and slow ticket responces?
Are you ready to make your LAST SWITCH to a hard-working, customer-centric, secure and reliable web hosting company?

You've come to the right place! SolidShellSecurity, LLC is the right company for you. We mean business when it comes to working with you! We work with several schools and businesses and keep them up and running and functioning. Many website and business owners have turned to SolidShellSecurity, LLC for managing and maintaining their websites, services and other services. Our professional team has been securing, doing manegement and removing threats from websites for the past several years. We take great pride in keeping your websites safe and secure. Our clients range from home and personal users all the way to debit and financial institutions.

Don't become a victim in the Web hosting business. This is one highly targeted business group. Most are poorly setup and very poorly secured. However, SolidShellSecurity, LLC has been working on many patches and security services and products to help keep you secured, protected and running to help you protect your clients and yourselves. You may be hacked and already a victim of having your server hacked. Do you even know? Do you even know how to know? Stop waiting! When it happens it is too late. You are ruined and clean up is COSTLY! It is so much cheaper to pay to be secured and protected then to pay the costly clean up fees assuming you can even restore your business name and keep your clients after a hack!

For years SolidShellSecurity, LLC has been working with clients around the world to ensure that their servers remain online and secure and with those services comes the ability to tune your servers to withstand dDoS based attacks and floods. Isn't it time to switch over already?



Coupon Code: Contact Us -- Take 25% to 50% off ALL services. (Any payment term)

Chkrootkit Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
RKHunter Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
Syn Deflate Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
CSF ConfigServer Firewall Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)

Don't have time to maintain or manage your website?
Don't want your website hacked to where you lose clients, visitors, rankings in Google and other search rating websites?
Tired of being defaced or finding malware hosted?
Worried you might be backdoored? Do you even know if you have been secretly hacked?
Been hacked.
Don't know what you are doing.
Scared your website might be next to be hacked.
Proactive Monitoring on your server(s)
Monitored Tickets
Custom and managed security patches for additional protection
Managed support
Registered business. Tract record. Not a popup and flyby night company
Years of management and support
Never go down from even the smallest attacks
Don't spend $100s and $1000s to drop the smallest attacks
Gain faster load times on your websites
Serve more clients and users on your servers

PACKAGES AND SERVICES[indent]Website Management Service Package-1
Ticket/Email/Live chat support
Maintain and update website to ensure security
Apply and maintain custom security features
Check and monitor for security attacks and treats
Ensure all security updates and patches are applied when they come out
Patch known security holes and issues with custom patches for enhanced security
Support should you need help with your website
Lockdown grade security options to ensure all administration and panels are secure and safe
Custom created security settings designed specifically for your website
Spam attacks from automated sources
Here are just some of the vectors we protect against: (some require latest mod_sec installed)
Remote File Inclusion Attack
SQL Injection Attack
Eval Injection
CRLF attacks
Brute Forcing
Robot Scan Attacks
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Shell Uploads
File Injection Attack
Sea-surf Attack (CSRF)
Config File Linking Attacks

CPanel/WHM Secure Web Hosting Setup
Tired of being hacked? Worried about being hacked? With a custom coded and developed patch for WHM, we can configure you server to ONLY accept you and your billing server's IP to the root/reseller account. This means that even IF your root/reseller server's password got leaked NO ONE but you can access the server.

Protects your clients
Denies all unauthorized access
Keeps your server more secure by ACLing the WHM Control Panel
More then one server? Contact us for a discounted price rate!

WHMCS Billing Software Lockdown and Security Setup
Tired of being hacked? Worried about being hacked? This is a very common issue in the world of offering services from an online panel. That is why we are here to help you. We can configure and setup your billing software so that it is correctly setup on it's own server and protect you from a wide range of hack attacks.

Protects your clients
Denies all unauthorized access
Keeps your billing system locked down so only your IP Range can access the system
Helps protect against 0day exploits that are not known yet
Protect your business name
Next to impossible to brute force and access the Admin backend systems

Secure Server Monitoring
Tired of being hacked? Worried about being hacked? Let us configure and monitor your server(s) for security risks and threats.

Keeps your server monitored and checked for security threats
You no longer have to worry about monitoring your server for security risks
Protects your clients
__________________ Providing Quality Support, Secure Hosting and Amazing Services.
99.9% Uptime + Daily security scans + 24/7/365 Helpdesk & Live Chat Support + Secure + Site Management
Need management or server configurations like security? Can do! We offer many security based services and managment options.
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